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Welcome to our vibrant retail universe, where every aisle tells a story and every shelf holds possibilities.

Dive into a world of convenience and quality as you browse our curated selection of products, meticulously chosen to enhance your shopping experience.

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Chicco is considered as your premier destination for all things baby! At Chicco, we understand the importance of providing your little one with the utmost comfort, safety, and style.

Chicco curated collection features an array of carefully selected items to cater to every aspect of your baby’s needs, from feeding and diapering to playtime and bedtime.

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Urban Revivo is an everyday premium trendy brand that began in 2006 with the mission of improving people’s lives through fashion.

Urban Revivo has over 360 stores worldwide, including locations in Singapore, Thailand, and The Philippines, along with world-class design centers in London, Shanghai, and Saudi Arabia.

Sadana Group is a consumer goods distribution company based in Saudi Arabia.

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