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Sadana have a deep-rooted passion for the culinary world and a commitment to building a diverse portfolio of dining experiences. Our mission is to acquire and revitalize food and beverage establishments, bringing new flavors to the Saudi market and delivering exceptional dining experiences.

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Goodies Selections established the first of its kind concept store in Coral Mall in Tahlia Street, Jeddah. The store combines a unique dining experience with a gourmet shop that provided Lebanon’s best and most luxurious food products.

The gourmet shop sections include a live butchery meat station, a daily seafood and fish counter, fresh and organic vegetables and fruits and an endless collection of spices, pickles, dried fruits, olive oil and many others, which have set Goodies Selections apart bringing a whole new food experience to Saudi Arabia.

Sadana Group is a consumer goods distribution company based in Saudi Arabia.

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